Benefits for parents

  • Over 100 progressive activities designed for each developmental stage of the baby starting at 6 WEEKS of life

  • Baby handling and correct holding positions for healthy body development

  • How to use the innate reflexes of babies

  • How to equally develop both sides of the baby’s  body

  • How to recognize baby’s needs

  • How to change your baby’s “whiny” mood

  • How to apply bonding techniques in everyday life

  • The importance of the states of consciousness of your baby

  • The importance of skin to skin contact

  • The importance of playing as fundamental interaction between parents and baby

  • Increased knowledge about early childhood development

  • And much more



What parents can learn with PEKiP®




Benefits for babies

Benefits for parents and babies

  • Receiving over 100 supportive activities for each developmental stage during their baby's first year of life

  • Gaining confidence as a new parent

  • Developing increased awareness of their baby’s needs and skills 

  • Gaining respite from daily routines while focusing solely on their baby

  • Experiencing age-appropriate sensory-motor stimulation that encourages play and goal-oriented movement

  • Socializing with babies of similar age

  • Improving body awareness through clothing-free activities

  • Promoting  self-discovery of individual strengths

  • Connecting with other parents with babies of similar age

  • Experiencing enhanced bonding through shared quality time

  • Participating in a new learning process

  • Learning while playing and having fun together