Meet the instructor

Hi, I'm Laura, founder of Baby Parent Steps. Moving to the US, I realized the absence of evidence-based education for new parents, contrasting with the comprehensive programs I experienced in Germany. Motivated by my passion for babies, empowering parents with practical knowledge, and boosting their confidence, I decided to make a change. I drew inspiration from my background as a certified ESW working with parents and children aged 0-18, as well as my own experience with PEKiP® classes as a new mother 24 years ago. Determined to provide a similar opportunity for parents in my new community, I took the initiative to become the US’s first Certified PEKiP® Educator. Since 2015, the PEKiP® program has been a beacon of support, offering proven practices to nurture a baby's development naturally during the early stages of parenthood. I invite you to explore the endless benefits of PEKiP® by enrolling your baby and yourself as soon as six weeks postpartum at I can't wait for you to experience the confidence and calm of navigating parenthood through PEKiP®.